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Luminous Heart Wellness is my creation, born out of pure passion and a deep-seated commitment to honor the universal call to love, to learn to live from the heart, and to touch lives. In the midst of trying times, I believe it is our divine right to flourish and prosper. LHW stands as a testament to the belief that, even in the face of uncertainty, we can come together, support one another, and connect energetically.

What I have created is more than a business; it’s a space where individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Luminous Heart Wellness reflects my unwavering dedication to providing a sanctuary for people to flourish physically, mentally, and spiritually. The journey to this place of clarity has been marked by numerous challenges and valuable lessons, forming the foundation for the compassionate and empowering environment that defines Luminous Heart Wellness.

At the core of Luminous Heart Wellness (LHW) lies a profound intention — a call to REMEMBER our unity with Spirit and the inherent power within us to heal. This intention weaves through every facet of LHW, creating a sanctuary where each element resonates with spiritual significance.

Our logo, a tapestry of symbolism, holds the key to our mission. The 12 petals, a tribute to the heart chakra, embody the boundless capacity for unconditional love and compassion. The flower of life intricately reveals the evolving human consciousness and our profound connection with the universal Source.

Founder of Luminous Heart Wellness & Steelmace Yoga


Luminous Heart Wellness was born of pure passion. I created LHW to honor the universal call to love, to learn to live from the heart, to touch lives. It is our divine right to flourish and prosper and yet we live in such trying times that we must come together, help each other, touch energetically. It took plenty of hard lessons and many miles of uncertainty to land me in this place of clarity.

At the heart of it all, my personal journey shines through. The logo reflects the illumination of my heart, enriched by the world around me. Life has bestowed its blessings abundantly upon me.

LHW beckons us all to embrace a transformative path — to learn, live, and love from the heart. Together, as a collective, we possess the potential to heal not only ourselves but also the world. Join us on this journey of holistic well-being, where the power of the heart becomes a catalyst for positive change.

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As a child I loved to dance. Dancing introduced me to motion, to euphoria, to the Divine. When life seemed impossible, dance lifted me above it. I learned to breathe. I learned discipline, I discovered passion, and I found my gifts. And, perhaps most importantly, movement and flow shaped my life by being, my creative outlet. My love of dance eventually led me to Yoga which has become a spiritual practice, a ceremony, and a celebration of life.

Dance introduced me to the sublime and yoga taught me the spiritual significance of that. Still, I was hungry for consciousness and soon found Shamanism. Practicing Shamanism has helped me get a better understanding of myself and my place in the world. Through deep ceremonial work and retreats, I have been shown a path in the healing arts. Luminous Heart Wellness is the realization of that vision.

I received my first yoga teacher certification RYT 200 from Yoga Yoga in Austin in 2013 and RYT 500 from Practice Yoga Austin 2019. In July of 2015, I graduated from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School with a 500 hour License Massage Therapist (LMT 500) certificate. After yoga, my path let to teaching fitness training and education though ONNIT academy where I found my passion for the Steel Mace. The Steel Mace led me to my coach & mentor Erik Melland who created Viking Ninja Training. I am currently a Viking Ninja Master Coach and Education Director. In 2017 I created Steel Mace Yoga as my own trademarked brand and developed the entire curriculum to teach classes, workshops and certifications. Luminous Heart Wellness includes Deep Tissue Massage, Fitness Training, Steel Mace Yoga, Durability and Recovery. I am a student of Life, and a lifetime student.

My greatest intention is for us all to REMEMBER that we are one with Spirit and that we have the power to heal. Every aspect of LHW is infused with that intention. Every detail of the logo has deep spiritual significance. The 12 petals represent the heart chakra and its capacity for unconditional love and compassion. The flower of life reveals the burgeoning human consciousness and the connection with Source. My heart shines in the center, illuminated by the world around me. My life has been richly blessed. Let us all learn to live and love from the heart. Together, we can heal the world.

Erin Furry

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Julia Mechler
Julia Mechler
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Erin is intuitive when it comes to body movement, strength, and ability. She conveys bodily movement in illustrative and easy to learn ways. And she is creative in her modalities of yoga and strength building, hence her invention of Steel Mace Yoga!!
Jaimee Hart Scope
Jaimee Hart Scope
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Can't say enough about this girl! Her interest/ excitement about the body is just a reminder about how much she knows and cares when she's working on you. I look forward to my next appointment every time! Thank you Erin!!!!!
Bridgid Bibbens
Bridgid Bibbens
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Erin got deeeeeeeeep into muscles I didn't even know existed and taught me a lot about anatomy along the way. She made me so comfortable with my crazy reactions to muscle and nerve stimulation and explained exactly why the body reacts in such a way. I feel revived and rested. I need to make this a regular part of my life!

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