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Welcome to Steel Mace Yoga (SMY), where dynamic movements meet the power of the steel mace, transforming yoga into an innovative and holistic experience. As the founder and trademark holder, SMY is more than a practice; it’s a journey of strength, mindfulness, and self-discovery.
SMY seamlessly blends static poses, fluid movements, and the unique resistance of the steel mace. Synchronized with breath, this transformative practice offers:

This isn’t just yoga; it’s a fitness evolution. SMY introduces a unique fitness aspect, combining strength, endurance, stability, and power with traditional yoga principles. The result is a comprehensive experience, addressing strength, flexibility, mobility, and range conditioning in a single, dynamic session.


Physical Transformation

Achieve strength, endurance, stability, and power.

Mental Focus

Connect body and mind, fostering discipline and mindfulness.

Progressive Learning

Challenge yourself mentally and physically, unlocking new dimensions.

SMY is a disciplined approach to movement, creating a powerful synergy of mindfulness and physical conditioning. Experience the electric radiation of strength throughout your entire body, supporting structure, improving range/mobility, and embarking on a unique journey of self-discovery.

We extend our transformative practice beyond physical borders. SMY offers in person and online training, classes, workshops, and Teacher Training Certifications locally and nationwide. Whether you join us on the mat in person or virtually, the journey awaits.

Discover the harmony of strength and mindfulness with the Steel Mace Yoga System. Transform your perception of yoga and fitness—your journey starts here.

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What Others Are Saying About Us

Julia Mechler
Julia Mechler
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Erin is intuitive when it comes to body movement, strength, and ability. She conveys bodily movement in illustrative and easy to learn ways. And she is creative in her modalities of yoga and strength building, hence her invention of Steel Mace Yoga!!
Jaimee Hart Scope
Jaimee Hart Scope
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Can't say enough about this girl! Her interest/ excitement about the body is just a reminder about how much she knows and cares when she's working on you. I look forward to my next appointment every time! Thank you Erin!!!!!
Bridgid Bibbens
Bridgid Bibbens
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Erin got deeeeeeeeep into muscles I didn't even know existed and taught me a lot about anatomy along the way. She made me so comfortable with my crazy reactions to muscle and nerve stimulation and explained exactly why the body reacts in such a way. I feel revived and rested. I need to make this a regular part of my life!

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